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0 - Welcome

The Excorcist’s Cookbook is a project based around the currently available metaverse, the Sandbox. The goal is to build a fictional world, where you are none other than a bounty hunter, hunting demons and people alike, which would suit the theme, since it will be a play2earn game (wonder what events will earn you some extra profit). Even though, the current graphics are limited in the Sandbox, this wont stop us from creating great mechanics that would please our holders, and even compensate for the non voxel-lovers. Our project is bigger than you would normally think, we are going to set up the biggest map as we could with both above ground fields, and even an underground tunnel system. We are planning to add sophisticated melee mechanics, guns, skills, spells and different classes with alternative playstyles. The first collection will represent the hunter class, which will be mostly focused on gunfights, and each of the NFT will be playable in the game! Further details will arrive as announcements!

1 - Post-mint

Once 100% of the first collection has been sold, we are going to introduce the second collection (aka. second playable class), and we will release it one month after we hit this milestone! Only the holders are going to have the right to mint on pre-sale.

2 - The currency

After 100% of the second collection has been sold we are going to launch our very own cryptocurrency. You will passively generate this currency for each of your assets, meaning the more assets you have, the more it will generate!

3 - The hunting grounds

Right after we launch our currency, we are not going to stop. As we managed to make it here, we are going to buy the first land in the Sandbox, and start the development of the game itself! From this point on we will bombard you with details about every plan, every aspect of the upcoming game.

Mint your Own NFT!

The minting will start soon, please check back later. We will inform you in time about everything. Join Our Discord!

Our Team